Neva Gone Stop

by Trevis T.

Released 2013
Released 2013
Neva Gone Stop is the high energy , determined anthem of the independent international artist Trevis T.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA in an area called Stone Mountain. Trevis T. gives a different perspective to the dirty south" sound. Blends of Hip hop, dance, reggae and pop are heard in his melodies, while his topics remain constant on enjoying life, being yourself, and fighting for your dreams. With a degree in business and being multilingual Trevis takes all his experiences, and aspirations and ingrains them in his music. His works have been featured on USA Netowrk show Burn Notice, the MTV show Yo Momma", Clear Channels iheartradio,Radio UK international Showcase Hour and Top Music Japan.

"I aint a rapper, I'm a businessman .Everything I do is part of my business plan" -Trevis T.